WiFi Connectivity Issue / Recommendation

If you are facing any issues connecting your jadoo box to your Router using Wireless connection please try following mentioned steps (Kindly follow these steps if you get unable to connect to router or you are unable to see your Wifi network)

    1. Jadoo Device only Support 2.4 Ghz Network ( Name of your 5ghz will even not show )
    2. Jadoo Box is suppose to be on the same Floor as router and maximum distance between Jadoo and Router should be 20 to 25 Feet.
    3. WiFi Signals weaken due to walls

      WiFi singnals

    4. We do not recommend using any Extender or switch as it increase the response time from router and cause buffering or sometime will not connect even.

      if none of this is helping our Technical support team is available 24/7 kindly get intouch with us.

      Thank you